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Activités à Cassis


calanques from cassis from sormiou to morgiou



Arrived at the port of Sormiou, go to the left end of the port to flush the passage of Gr after a metal gate. This passage is recognizable traces materialized with two red and white (GR) drawn on this portal. You're now walk along the seafront while discovering the many flowers planted here and there to put a little more color in this port already very nice. Walk in this small town is very nice, the view of the spout Sormiou of the Creek and the Cave of Capelin does not hurt. You will soon arrive near the tip of the nozzle, you will hopefully take a fork to the left following the GR 98-51 before arriving at this point, if made ​​a U-turn. This passage is not necessarily easy to find but whatever happens, we will have to climb to reach the crossroads peaks Morgiou. The rise does not lack intensity and you will certainly leave some memories.

Port disappears As the rise while you recover or discover you back, the beautiful island wide skid taking place in this beautiful setting. You will get much higher up on the sofa Sormiou before reaching the peak. Enjoy this great tray to rest if the need is felt and to also contemplate the forefront of high Candelle facing you. Then continue your journey to find yourself now on the ridge. From here you can already guess, before the notice below the cliff, wearing Morgiou hidden in his cove. You can reach the port leaving the GR but the descent is steep and the port trail without much interest. Prefer the continuity of the GR by taking the right route is much simpler and you will discover the spectacular Cape Morgiou built on the cliff of the veil.

To join this course, you will follow the ridge to the appearance of it. While the elevation was absent from the sofa, the descent that follows will be as challenging as the rise earlier. While being careful not to slide down the slope on the buttocks, you get inexorably Cape him closer so undeniable. Now you can see very quickly the ruins of some walls perched on the cliff. Do not hesitate to visit this site quite impressive trail before returning to the port. The ascent becomes very quiet when entering the cove Morgiou. Soon the Mediterranean port makes its appearance, you will meet some wooden huts before crossing the small fishing boat filled with port size. There if you wish, a small bar to drink.

Morgiou is known and a great place for rock climbing.

For those who opted for two cars finished the adventure, for others, the path is the same but in the opposite direction.


Course Marseille - Cassis

This legendary race takes place every year during the last weekend of October

information :http://www.marseille-cassis.com



How could we imagine in 1979 that the idea of ​​a foot race for all between Marseille and Cassis take an international dimension?

A young athletic section, a small group of friends and the unfailing support of all sections of a sports club, SCO Ste Marguerite, gave birth to the first French Classic Running.

With 700 runners at its first edition held Sunday, October 28, 1979 · race where the spirit and friendly people has been constantly receive every year more and more popular and now 12,000 participants.

Such a passion for racing has contributed to the creation of other events during the last weekend of October.

Since 1990, Hiking "The Other Marseille-Cassis" organized on the eve of the Classic in the Massif des Calanques meet walkers and 1800 aimed at raising awareness to respect for the environment and our heritage.

Walk Sport, launched in 2006, provides the opportunity for its many walkers follow the runners and cross the famous Gineste another form of sport.

This success built on · 30 years of existence, is that the 600 volunteers SCO Ste Marguerite, who did not hesitate to take action to accommodate thousands of people in the best conditions.


Departure: 9:30 am - Stade Vélodrome (Boulevard Michelet) - Marseille
Distance: 20.308 km on the road to perform within 3:00
Elevation: 327 m to the Col de la Gineste (10th km)
Road completely closed to traffic
Arrival: Port of Cassis

5 supplies:

Before the rise of Gineste - Vaufrèges (5th Km)
At the top of the Col de la Gineste (10th km)
On the set of Carpiagne (14th km)
At the entrance of Cassis - Camping des Cigales (17th km)
Upon arrival · - Place Baragnan


Atmosphere of rock music to the variety through rhythmic dances of cheerleaders, a dozen events are planned all along the way · to encourage and support the runners.

This legendary race takes place every year on the last weekend of October


Les plages

Les beaches

  la Grande Mer  

Sand, pebbles and gravel 300m 50m. At the foot of the Castle Hill, in the heart of the village. Monitored on weekends and holidays from early May to mid-June and September last 15 days (beyond depending on the weather), every day from mid-June to mid-September from 10h to 19h.
On site: launching kayaks and windsurfing, fishing.
Disabled access (only works when the beach is monitored, all weekends in May, then daily from June 1 to mid-September. Addressing the lifeguard). Pets not allowed.


Beach pebbles and rocks 150m on 30m. Online horizon, Cape Canaille in majesty ... Monitored on weekends and holidays from early May to mid-June and September last 15 days (beyond depending on the weather), every day from mid-June to mid-September from 10h to 19h.
Presence of a parking area near the beach, furnished and paid (105 vehicles).
Refreshment / snacks, accommodation, aid station, showers, toilets, garbage. Pets not allowed.

Anse de l'Arène

Sandy cove (in water), pebbles and rocks 400m by 15m. Bordered by a pine forest. Access to the sea a little difficult by rocks. The parking area near Madie fitted to 160 vehicles (Revestel Avenue). Unsupervised natural cove. Restricted in summer. It is forbidden to smoke on the beach during a major fire risk.
Pets not allowed
Unsupervised swimming

Anse du Corton 

Very small pebble cove. Gourmet restaurant nearby La Villa Madie, designed by Jean-Marc Banzo and Enrico Bernardo ... A unique place where everyone friendly and inventive its know-how. The parking Madie, arranged for 160 vehicles (Revestel Avenue).
Unsupervised natural cove.
Pets not allowed.
Unsupervised swimming


Les calanques de Cassis en bateaux

A marvellous escapade to the heart of a unique natural heritage...

Between Cassis and Marseille, 3, 5 or 8 calanques, on site, the choice is yours to make on the circuit you wish without reservation for the individual.

The visit of the Calanques works all year round, every day.

Attention! Certain conditions may cause cancellations (forecast) or additions (demand) of departures.

Payment by card, holiday checks or cash.

Tickets on sale directly at the port,1 / 2 hour before indicated departure times, at embarkation (yellow kiosk) or directly from captains during off-season.

3, 5 or 8 Calanques...

It is up to you !


3 Calanques

Port Miou - Port Pin - En Vau

From 9:30 to 5/6 p.m. every 1 / 2 hours.

5 Calanques

Port Miou - Port Pin - En Vau - L'Oule - Devenson

11:30 a.m., 12:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m.

8 Calanques

Port Miou - Port Pin - En Vau - L'Oule - Devenson - Sugiton - Morgiou

10:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m.